Are you looking to improve your writing?

Fanstory is a website that offers all forms of writers feedback on their writing. It allows other writers to do this also.

You have the option to critique their writing. For a fair fee you can get honest feedback, and make changes if you need to.

They have a free trial period, so if you change your mind it is not a something you have to stick with.

Have you wondered if God is real lately?

Do ever remember asking yourself if God is real?

I know I have if I am being honest.

The things that cause me to wonder might be corruption in the world, gun violence, rape, lack of money, and trafficking crimes of sex or labor.

On what planet do we as human beings live in a world that is free of those things, but the truth is God does not make decisions for us we do.

We can not blame him for our choices, if he has told us not

to do the those things and we do it anyway it’s our responsibility.

We have to contribute to make a better world.

You might have money to donate food or time to give in order to help someone.

Whatever your gift or talent is use it to change the world one

person at a time.

It will makes a difference and instead of saving money, you’ll be saving lives. That does more than money could ever do it gives the gift of change.

How to celebrate July 4th and save!

Hello pot luck, if you’re hosting at your home let the guest pitch in with sides, besides you’re using your home and

doing the main thing ,grilling. Beaches, parks, and other places will be open with events and family fun. Crafts are the

perfect thing for this celebration. Fabric paint , shirts, will be perfect to make a fourth of July shirt custom with stars

and stripes if you choose. Mason jar fourth of July treat of blueberries, strawberries, custard or whip cream, mini

pound cakes cut to fit and crumble the extra to save for decorative topping. Layer with pound cake, strawberry

jam,custard or cream than fruit. Repeat.


Why tithing on purpose is important?

Tithing is known as a term to give money mainly ten percent of your earned income. Let’s talk.

Is this necessary? Yes. Why? It fulfills the goals of God and  one of the many purposes of the church.

That’s not a good enough answer. Well, it provides a covering or protection over you and your family.

Why should you tithe on purpose? There are many people around the world and even in America that are

serving God,and do not have enough to sow, but they are sowing their time. Not only do they do that

,some have sacrificed just a piece of what they can offer to get a percentage of what you have. They know

that it is God who brings opportunities and blessings. You can do the same and he will give you more than you

could have dreamed of.Just start with one step, tithing. Look up Malachi 3:10

How to stay positive about money

Money what a controversial word it can be. Why is this word associated so much on our happiness? I am definitely not an expert, but I can surely think of why most of us go crazy over it, and for others it is not important enough. At this moment, political entities are probably decided what will happen with tax payers money. Why is this important you might ask,? The importance of this is that all kinds of important funding from wages on your job to health care are tied up with these decision and ultimately it affects you and your family in one way or another. What should we do? Stand up, make are legislatures send every person an email or letter before making laws that will alter our family and our money. The perfect balance to money is this use money as the tool was made for, not greed.  The love of money is the root of all evil. 1 Timothy 6:10. Where’s the staying positive come in? James 2:17 Even so faith without works is dead. No matter how little you might have, you have something, if you put the work in to sacrificing a little of what you have with the faith of God, he will bless you. Phil 4:8 Find this,that will be your works.

Do you need an idea to keep the kids busy with items you already have? Read this.

Summer’s here, the kids are out of school, how to keep them busy,? When the weather is not tolerant,

and you do not have much craft supplies. Earrings are your friend; Let me explain you know how when you tend to lose one,

it really makes you crazy  and you are nuts because it is your favorite earring and  you don’t want to throw it away, just in case the other one shows up.

Well, a couple of cool ideas I  have is Number one ,  use as template for kids to make shapes,  Number two,

use it to add-on to other types of jewelry like a bracelet or a necklace for girls or your self, cause we adults like

to craft too. Number three, Mildly wash your earring with warm water and soap, and use as a cookie cutter, if it is a hoop,

or fun shaped earring.Number four, bring all your missing earrings together and make a framed art work with the kids.

How to keep your kids busy on a budget!

It’s summer time you’re in the house and your kids are jumping off walls, screaming, fighting, or even

worse for them they are bored, but you don’t want to spend extremes amounts of money on day camp. What do you do?

You  go online or to your local center for kids, and ask  them do have a scholarship program application. If you are

eligible they will inform approximately 2-4 weeks depending on the program itself. If you are not eligible you can do a great

thing and make others who might be aware, and it could be helpful to them. There are also other city events for free, in most

or all major cities to attract people. Just do a little digging and find out what’s available in your city.

How to save money with leftovers

Okay it’s a Monday evening , and you just got through eating a salad, fish and rice, but you have a problem. There are four pieces of fish left and you do not want to throw it away. What do you do? Well, here are several options; First, if you have a pet, chop it up give to them. Second, Healthy solution turn it into a fish soup. Third, Fish sandwich with pickles and onions or your choice toppings. Last, but not least, fish tacos are a popular thing now, marinate in season, use flour or corn tortilla, slaw and corn, or your choice toppings and there you go, leftovers for lunch. The thing with today’s world is that everything counts so food is a great and creative way to stretch a dollar and save a visit to the store with just a little twist on leftovers.These ideas work for most leftovers so mix and match with different meats.

Looking for a Suspense thriller book to read check this out!

Chapter 1
The leaves started to fall as Dr. Anthony Stagler presented the assignment for the week;
The analysis of a serial killer. He himself knew all too well what it was to study the human mind;the psychology course was only one of his many obligations to the criminal justice system;not only professionally but personally he knew tragedy. He used that experience after the death of their parents,to take care and provide for him and his sister Mary. The state tried to take her ,but he fought hard to prove that he was capable of taking care of her;working two jobs so she could go to school .That was the agreement that he’d made with the court, He kept his sister and he won the rights to adopt her.This event was the catalyst to him solving the one murder that he could not solve on his own was Mary’s.He was obsessed with the case without going anywhere;as he profiled for the FBI,this fact did not help but it led to drinking and drugging;They were his best friends. The thought of it happening on the day that they had designated to eat as a family no matter where they were in their lives or who they were with,Sunday,reminiscing, he remembered much like this day in class it was a fall day, but he remembered feeling eerie waiting on that reminder call he got every third Sunday to pick the french bread up to make garlic bread,for her favorite meal spaghetti and meatballs.He called her that day, no answer. He sped through traffic with a heart wrenching instinct that something was wrong. It was. He parked in the middle of the street, busted opened the front door and she was lying by the dining table as if she was about to prepare for his arrival. He fell to the floor where her body lied almost cold and lonely,He could not contain the trembling. He picked up the phone and called the only one he trusted to investigate Detective Julianne Stiles.

Use this Poem for your Anniversary!

Today i made to a new plateau, marriage.
Another day survivor wins another day
to make amends. There is a struggle but
its worth each blow to live for future
and destiny. The generations of
that will come from our seeds, the knowledge
of God placed in and on our paths, the
we will build, and love we will share, the
we will meet the time we will spare, the moments
that will pass, the memories that we will have,
it is an accomplishment to share this gift, with
someone who will truly ride with you through thick and
thin, not a trend like holly wood marriage a real
struggle, because we understand love is not a feeling
it’s a choice that we promised to keep , him to love
and cherish me, me to honor and love him. We struggle
no more, but sweet bliss explodes, when you come to
true understanding of each other. Love # 11